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Pond Stocking Considerations

Original Article: By Purina Animal Nutrition

Once you have a properly functioning pond, it is time to consider the kinds of fish to stock.

Considerations include how many fish and what size, along with when and how to stock. The goal should be to stock the pond with the proper ratio of desirable fish. In addition, make sure that the food supply is proportional to the population, and make sure you are able to manage the size and growth of the fish through active fishing and harvesting.

Common pond stocking species include:

Fish species not recommended

For a variety of reasons – ranging from their size (too small or too large), a tendency to overpopulate, too the need for intensive management – the following fish are not recommended for recreational ponds. They should be stocked only in ponds with specific purposes or those under the care of a professional fisheries biologist.

Yellow Perch

Walleye Pike

Hybrid Striped Bass

Miscellaneous Sunfish Species

Flathead Catfish




Where to obtain fish for pond stocking

Some states will provide fish for stocking private ponds. Call your local DNR to find out if your state is one that does. Otherwise, your DNR or your local pond management consultant can recommend reputable fish suppliers in your area. After you have successfully stocked your pond, continuous pond management and maintenance can ensure a healthy environment for your fish to thrive.

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